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Some notable dates in the early history of Sandy Valley from Dave Lowe:

1851---A monthly mail service was inaugurated from Los Angeles to Salt Lake

June 2, 1854---The John C. Fremont party encounters the Reese caravan at Mountain Springs. John and Enoch Reese had opened a shortcut on the Spanish Trail through the north end of Sandy Valley and through Kingston Springs. This is the route Fremont took. At Kingston Springs they met a prospecting party led by "Pegleg" Smith. "Incidents of Travel and Adventure in the Far West with Colonel Fremont's Last Expedition" by Solomon Nunes Carvalho c. 1858

1855-6--A party of Mormons from Salt Lake City develop and operate the Potosi mine. "Goodsprings Nevada" by Alan Patera c. 1999

1861---The U.S. and California Boundary Commission surveying party crosses the valley from south to north. Led by J.R.N. Owen, M.D., of Oroville, CA "Death Valley & the Amargosa" by Richaard E. Lingenfelter c. 1986

1869---Prospector Johnny Moss of Visalia, CA, discovers the Ivanpah lode. Lingenfleter

1876---Miguel Nevares operated a crude salt works at the southern end of the valley, supplying the Ivanpah mines. Patera

1889---Oliver Rose & family settled in the valley, operated a store and hauled freight. Patera.

December 22, 1892---Frank Williams arrived in Sandy Valley on foot from Kansas by way of Ivanpah. Williams was later elected to the Nevada State Assembly when Sandy Valley was still a part of Lincoln County & re-elected when Clark County was formed. Williams was also elected to the University of Nevada Board of Regents for several terms as well. Patera

June 1903---Francis "Borax" Smith began grading a traction road from Manvel, CA, to the Lila C. mine in the Funeral mountain range. John Ryan was construction superintendent and the road proceeded from Stateline Pass through Sandy Valley on the west side.

Additional notation is that Sandy Valley did not have electricity until 1966.

Other references of interest are below.

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