Goodsprings Historical Society

November '05 Meeting and Tour Photos

Photos and captions are by GHS Board Trustee, Dave Lowe of Sandy Valley. Click on picture to enlarge.

Yellow Pine railroad bed

Pic 1: A view to the west looking at Wilson Pass on the horizon. The old Yellow Pine railroad bed can be seen in the middle to lower half of the frame, running from lower right uphill to the left. Although I haven't walked the entire line, I would guess this might be one of the steepest grades from Jean to the mine.

Coppersides mine

Pic 2: This is looking east from almost the same spot as pic 1 was shot (looking west). I think Donn Blake said this is the Coppersides mine but I am not certain. Of historical interest years into the future will be the evidence of the great brushfire of June 22, 2005.

Yellow Pine mine

Pic 3: This shows the group just below the Yellow Pine mine which you can see in the background.

Corky Poole

Pic 4: Of course, this is Virgil Coy "Corky" Poole, retired So. Nevada Vo-Tech Center school teacher and athletic coach, who was reared in Jean and attended Goodsprings Elementary School from approximately 1945 to 1953. His father, Virgil, was P.A. "Pop" Simon's brother-in-law and he operated the garage and gas station at Jean and oversaw all Pop's mechanical work . His mother, Thelma, was Jean postmistress for a long time.

Liz Warren

Pic 5: This is Goodsprings resident and historian Liz Warren and the monument at the site of the original spring. Liz is an active historian in Nevada involved in many projects. At present she is a member of the Goodsprings Citizens' Advisory Council which is designed to keep the Clark Count Commission apprised of the wishes and feelings of the residents of the camp.

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