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Newsletter 2013

Goodsprings Historical Society

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Goodsprings Historical Society
Newsletter #13 Spring 2013

Goodsprings School Centennial Celebration
and Alumni Reunion

This year the Goodsprings Historical Society is pleased to welcome all old-timers and school alumni as well as friends of Goodsprings to a celebration of history and school memories.


8:30 AM-12 noon: Old-Timers, Alumni, and friends of Goodsprings check in at Community Center. Donuts and Coffee. Old Goodsprings photos and auction items on display. Everyone register for lunch.

10:00 AM: Welcome to everyone. Recognition of Alumni. Greetings from GHS. Flag raising and school bell ringing in the school yard.

10:20-11:30 AM: School tour followed by school history displays at the old clubhouse.

Noon: Sandy Valley Color Guard presentation in the park

12:10-1:45 PM: Barbeque in the park. Get your free ticket at registration.

2:00 PM: Presentation by CCSD Interim Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky.

2:20 PM: Group photo, Auction in the park

3:30-4:30 PM: Video news clips of Goodsprings School, school tour, school history displays, Goodsprings Walking Tours

SUNDAY, MAY 5, 2013

8-11:00 AM: Traditional Miner's Breakfast - Community Center

11:30 AM-1:00 PM: Goodsprings Historical Society Annual Meeting

1:15-2:30 PM: Lunch, Alumni stories, school news clips, school history display

Please note: Our 31st Reunion and the School Centennial Celebration call for something different; therefore, we have suspended the potluck for this year. Lunch will be provided. Donations for lunch are encouraged. If you would like to bring something, we would love some desserts. We are looking forward to lots of fun for everyone. Also note the GHS annual meeting has been moved to Sunday after the Miner's Breakfast.

PLEASE RSVP SO WE CAN PLAN ENOUGH FOOD: goodsprings.org contact form or 702-645-7736.

2012-2013 The Year in Review

Annual Meeting: The Goodsprings Historical Society annual meeting followed the potluck on Saturday. Mickey Moran was honored with selection to the GHS Old-Timers Hall of Fame for her tireless work for the Old-Timers Reunion and her work as Treasurer and web master for the Goodsprings Historical Society. Two Trustees (Lary Anderson and Liz Warren) were elected by the group. A report was made on Goodsprings Daze and discussions ensued about having a similar event this coming Fall. Plans for a major celebration for the Goodsprings School were announced. This September will be the start of the 100th school year. Julie Newberry will be chairing the celebration committee. A silent auction and the sale of memorial quilt pieces supplemented the usual drawing ticket fundraisers. The Goodsprings Cemetery Committee held a meeting following the GHS annual meeting.

August 27: : The Goodsprings Historical Society welcomed students back to school with a crowd of well-wishers, a gourmet breakfast, centennial decorations and the presentation of a special carpet from the Superintendent of Schools Dwight Jones and School Board Trustee Carolyn Edwards.

September 15: The Historical Society sponsored a Picnic in the Park to celebrate the historic opening day of the Goodsprings School. Hot dogs donated by the Pioneer Saloon, Karate demonstration and a Color Guard Presentation by Sandy Valley students, a very successful bake sale auction, sales of the new school t-shirts and perfect weather made for a very successful celebration.

October: Guest teachers Liz Warren, Mary Blake, Donn Blake, and Julie Newberry enriched the students' curriculum with a tour of historic Goodsprings and lessons on history based on a Nevada State Museum Traveling History Kit.

November: The GHS Bingo Night raised money for the Kids Christmas Presents Fund.

December: The annual Christmas Program at the school featured a play that highlighted historical events experienced by Goodsprings School students from 1900 to the present. The school was decked out in holiday finery and a wonderful feast followed the program. Presents for the children who attend school in Goodsprings and little ones who live in Goodsprings were distributed by Santa.

January: The Historical Society held a soup contest fundraiser which featured 10 delicious soups and a crowd of hungry tasters. A successful bake sale auction added to this event.

February: Society members supported Nevada Reading Week at the school by reading to students and distributing books for the students to take home.

Calling all Goodsprings School Alumni !!!

Most of the Society's efforts this year have revolved around the School Centennial. Goodsprings School is the oldest continuously operated school in Clark County, and we celebrate its 100 years with great pride. The School District has produced a video on its history and backed the upcoming reunion. We want it to be a great event, but we need your help. If you are alumni, please come and bring your family. If you know alumni who may not know about the reunion, please invite them. A large showing of Goodsprings School supporters will go a long way toward making sure the little school remains a school in these tight economic times. We know most of our Old-Timers are alumni so we hope you don't mind the changes to the Old-Timers Reunion. Please note these changes are just for this year: No potluck. Lunch on Sat. /Sun. will be provided. We will need to know if you are coming so please RSVP to goodsprings.org or note on your membership form or call 702-645-7736. The Goodsprings Historical Society meeting will be on Sun. this year to give alumni more time to visit on Sat. We will have a fun auction fundraiser in the park. Look in the newsletter for some of the great items that will be auctioned off. We hope you will agree with us that It might be fun this year to not have to cook, to just spend a day in the park visiting with friends and celebrating the fact that the school is still here.

See you in May!

school 1916
Goodsprings School Spring 1915-16

Centennial T-shirt Designed
by CCSD Trustee Rene Cantu


Goodsprings School 2012
August 27, 2012


SV Color Guard
SV Color Guard
Soup Cook-Off
Soup Cook-Off
RR soup
Ruth Rawlinson soup
mm db
Mickey and Donn sell soup tickets and T-shirts
Carolyn Edwards wins prize
People eat soup and vote


Jessica and Mari Robinson prepare auction
Pat and Jeri Pinkerton conduct auction


All soup pictures taken by Bobbie Poole

Goodsprings School, the Fifties

By Julie Newberry

During the fifties, when the country was worried about the Korean Conflict, students at Goodsprings School were more interested in the many changes in their building. A letter from the State Superintendent of Public Instruction Mildred Bray to Deputy Superintendent Roxie Copenhaver stated that, "the State Department of Health had condemned the present toilet facilities, and that the present heating arrangements we re inadequate and detrimental to the health of the children." (August 21, 1950) An emergency loan provided the children of Goodsprings School indoor flush toilets and an oil heater. One of the back rooms was partitioned into 3 parts for other uses, so one class had to move to the front room. Indoor plumbing also included a drinking fountain in the hallway. Wall board, new desks, and green chalkboards made the old school look really modern.

The school building was available for other town events such as box socials. On Sundays, church groups could use the school building. When funerals were held there, school was cancelled until all participants had walked to the cemetery.

Some students remember watching the atomic bomb testing which would light up the sky behind Mount Potosi and rumble like thunder. A medical team did a blood test of the students and gave them dog tags to wear. They stood outside the school wearing celluloid glasses watching mushroom clouds fill the sky. (Janet Lowe, Newsweek, June 12, 1978.)

There was a drop in mining during this decade so some families moved away. However, school continued to be the center of children's lives. As in many years past, the school day began with ringing the bell on the roof, raising the flag outside, and saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Often there was a song or two before entering the school and starting the lessons. Besides the 3Rs, school offered sports, health, fun, and responsibility. The softball team's rival was Sloan. The playground had equipment such as hand-made seats made from conveyor belts for swings. Students had a whole hour for lunch; so, many of them walked home. Health care was important. A dentist came to check teeth; vaccinations were given for smallpox and polio. Heads-up-7-up was a popular indoor game. Once in a parade, some girls did cartwheels and handstands behind a band. Some students were actually paid to clean the school, especially the new toilets.

Each day after recess Mrs. Wiseman would read the classics such as Ivanhoe, Little Women, and Uncle Tom's Cabin. Students enjoyed these so much that they would get together to re-enact the stories, such as making their own bows and arrows like those in Ivanhoe. The card games that reinforced facts for everything from the classics to the presidents were very stimulating to the students. Then there was the play about the Bill of Rights. Students will never forget what they learned from that play. Mrs. Wiseman taught children to play the flutaphone and how to produce a school newspaper. She brought trees and ice plant for students to plant, giving the school yard some color. Enjoyment came from wood-working and leather projects that Mrs. Wiseman supervised. One year there was a coveted field trip to McCarran Airport. Bonanza airlines allowed the children to walk into the hangar and sit on a plane. They all began to dream of dressing in their finest clothes to take a real plane ride. The school years ended with a picnic at Twin Lakes.

Janice and Marshall Brownfield taught during the year that school districts were consolidated by the state legislature. Each county in Nevada became a school district. Mr. Brownfield remembers receiving little or no help from anyone in the county district except Lincoln Liston, their supervisor. These two teachers introduced students to a variety of music and worked hard on the Christmas play. One year the Brownfields took 12 students to a roller skating rink, something those children had never done.

Report card time was an anxious time. Besides academics, a grade was given for "Attitude." Report cards also stated that parents should immediately inquire to the reason for any D or F grade. This may indicate "a lack of study, too many outside engagements, irregularities in attendance or some other cause which may be remedied."

The fifties were good years for students just as previous decades had been. And the little school in the desert continued to thrive with its traditional Christmas plays and the sound of the bell on the roof.

school 1950s
school2 1950s


School in the '50s


It is with great sadness that we report the loss of Goodsprings Old -Timers Kathy Nead, Evin Cronister, Mary Belle Kemple Farley, Rex Ewing, Blanche Kemple Wimer, Grannie Isabella Curtis, Jan Wilson Spurlock, Ronald Wayne Hedrick, Ram Lamb. If you know of any others, please let us know.

Election: There will be 2 positions on the Goodsprings Historical Society Board of Trustees that will be up for reelection in May. Stephen Fleming and Julie Newberry have been instrumental in all GHS activities since the Society was formed and have served as President and Vice President. All members are welcome to run for office. Please let one of the present Trustees know if you would like to be put on the ballot.

Corporate Money for Volunteer Donations: One of our members, who is a retiree from Chevron, pointed out that the company has a matching gift program where the company will match dollar-for-dollar cash donations to a charitable fund /organization. Additionally, a $500.00 grant can be requested for every 20 hours of volunteer service. Please check with your employer's Human resources Department to see if you might be eligible for such a program that will match your donations to GHS. Dues and donations add up fast and we appreciate them.

Auction Items: Bobbie Poole is making a fabulous quilted throw with photos of the Goodsprings School. Collector items from Jean and Goodsprings have been donated. A lovely set of Bavarian China and some old depression glass will be offered. Art work as well as comps for food will be on the block. Check at the Community Center to see all items on Saturday morning.

T-shirts: Be sure to buy and wear your new Centennial T-shirt.

Goodsprings School History Book: Check out Goodsprings School: The First Hundred Years, a book about Goodsprings School history, now available for purchase.

Membership Dues:
Our thanks to All: and recognition to Gold Members: Gail & Donna Andress, Donn & Mary Blake, Joe & Joan Lapan, Sam McCool, Bob & Ann Osburn, Bobbie Poole, Carl & Mari Robinson

Lead/Zinc Members: Russiano Decaro, Steve Fleming, James Maxfield, Ronald Mayo, James Osburn, George & Carolyn(Pack) Patchin, Noel Sheckells, Claude & Liz Warren

Membership Dues: (check one)
Individual_______$5.00;    Gold Member__________$50.00;
Family__________$10.00;   Lead/Zinc Member____$100.00;

Name______________________________ Amount___________



Send to: Goodsprings Historical Society, 
         Box 603, Goodsprings, NV 89019
Please check one of the following:
_____I will attend the May 4, 2013 Reunion.
_____Sorry, I won't be able to attend the May 4, 2013 Reunion.
_____Not sure yet.

Coming from Out of Town

The Gold Strike at Jean is offering reduced rates for GHS members/alumni. Tell them you are coming to the reunion and get a special deal.

The Goodsprings Historical Society, a nonprofit organization established in 2001 to preserve the historical and natural resources of the Goodsprings Township by educating the public about its environment, archaeology and history, publishes this newsletter yearly. www.goodsprings.org
Stephen Fleming
Lary Anderson
Dave Beisecker
Julie Newberry
David Lowe
Elizabeth Warren
Stephanie Stephens
Treasurer/Web site Manager: Mickey Moran
Secretary/Newsletter Editor: Mary Blake


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