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Newsletter 2007

Goodsprings Historical Society

Goodsprings Historical Society
Newsletter #7 Spring 2007


new sign

The New Goodsprings Sign

A spectacular new sign welcomes all who drive into Goodsprings. The sign was crafted in metal by Chris Church, grandson of Ruby Barnes. The sign was installed on July 15, 2006 by Chris Church, Dick Barnes and Mike Cartwright. Thanks Chris, Dick, and Mike for seeing what needed to be done and doing it.

Old Timer's Reunion

The annual Goodsprings Old-Timer's Reunion will be held the first weekend in May. We hope to see some of our friends from the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s at this event. The party starts with a potluck lunch on Saturday, May 5 at the Goodsprings Community Center. Lots of visiting, good food, and sharing of photos and stories highlight this event. Following the lunch, the annual Goodsprings Historical Society meeting will be held. Sunday, a miner's breakfast will be served at the Community Center followed by a leftovers' lunch at 1:00. Everyone is welcome. Bring a dish to share and an interest in Goodsprings history.

Goodsprings Historical Society Annual Meeting

The Goodsprings Historical Society Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday, May 5 at 2:30 PM in the Goodsprings Community Center. Board of Trustee elections, discussion of dues, the ongoing status of the Yellow Pine Rail Trail and future projects for the Society will be discussed. At last year's annual meeting, a revised dues structure was debated. The Board of Trustees will be bringing a suggested plan to be voted on at the meeting. See changes below:

2007							    2008
Individual_______$5.00			    Individual_____$10.00
Family_________$10.00			 Family_________$20.00
Donation_______________		      Lead/Zinc_____$100.00

A related issue to be voted on at the meeting will be a plan for the GHS to set aside funds for scholarships or grants for studies related to Goodsprings history. Your input is needed on these issues. Please give them your consideration.

Website News

The Goodsprings Historical Society website continues to develop with web master Mickey Moran adding new information as soon as it becomes available. Dave Lowe's page on Sandy Valley, the minutes from past meetings and past newsletters can all be accessed on line at this address: http://goodsprings.org


school 1913
UNLV Special Collections Library

The Goodsprings School
Submitted by Julie Newberry

Within the Nevada Fifth Supervision District, the doors of Goodsprings School opened in September 1913 to the sound of the bell on its roof. The one-room structure, which included a small library and a cloakroom, was built for the total sum of $2,000.

A wood-burning potbellied stove stood in the corner, and the outhouses were in the back. The teacher, Miss Katherine Williams, was paid a nice salary of $100 per month, $5 of that was for her janitor work.

By 1916 the town was sending so many children to the school that two rooms had to be built onto the back. That allowed the original room in front to be saved for parties, club socials, and school programs. The most-remembered program of all times was for Christmas. It was always followed by Santa Claus bringing gifts for every child.

Teachers came and went over the years; sometimes two were needed, sometimes just one. For many years they taught grades 1 through 8, now it is kindergarten through 5th. The beloved teacher Miss Sarah Williams still holds the record for devoting 18 years of her life to this small school.

In 1956 Goodsprings School became part of Clark County School District when the state legislature consolidated all schools into county districts. During the 1980s and 1990s Goodsprings School was recognized by numerous newspaper articles and TV specials. It was added to the National Register of Historic Buildings. It stands today as the smallest and oldest school in Clark County as well as the oldest school in Nevada that has educated children continuously.

Even though the school has seen many changes over the years, two things have remained stable. One is the Christmas program with Santa Claus; the other is the sound of the bell beginning each school day.

school 1993

Julie Newberry taught at the Goodsprings School from 1982 to 1999. She currently serves on the Goodsprings Historical Society Board of Trustees.



Rails to Trails

Funding for a Yellow Pine Rail Trail feasibility study has passed the initial approval stage at the Southern Nevada Public Lands Management Committee. The request was submitted by the Yellow Pine Rail Trail Committee and Clark County. The Goodsprings Historical Society supports this exciting development as a way to preserve and protect the historical resources of Goodsprings.

What's Happening in Goodsprings

In December 2006, two Review Journal news articles created a stir in Goodsprings. The first reported the sale of the Pioneer Saloon to Las Vegas businessman Noel Sheckells. Sheckells has plans to do a little upgrading of the building, but will retain most of the Pioneer's historic facade.

The second article noted artist Melissa Henry's dreams for a futuristic town on lands her corporation purchased outside of Goodsprings.

In February, the Review Journal reported that the MGM corporation has decided to close Nevada Landing at Jean. In its place the company is planning a master community with retail businesses and homes. These proposed developments could have major impacts on Goodsprings.


It is with sadness that we note the loss of Old-Timers and Goodsprings Historical Society members Bobby Bishop, Marian Decaro, Flavia Harris, Merilyn Hedrick, Beverly Hughes and Peggy Simon. The Goodsprings Historical Society Memory Book is our society's way to acknowledge the people we have lost. You can contribute by sending a short biography and/or interesting story about the person to GHS at P.O. Box 603, Goodsprings, NV 89019.


The Goodsprings Historical Society has 78 current paid members. Thank you! We appreciate your continued support for our efforts.

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