Newsletter 2001

Goodsprings Historical Society

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How it all began

In the Spring of 2001, a committee of citizens interested in preserving the history of Goodsprings, Nevada met to make plans for establishing an official historical society. The Ad-Hoc Historical Society committee members joined forces with the community clean-up efforts in April to improve the appearance of several neglected lots. Next, the members worked to establish a walking tour of historic sites within the town. On May 5, the walking tour was inaugurated with printed maps, tour guides, music and a barbecue donated by the Clark County Community Development Department. A monument was erected and dedicated at the site of the original springs. The committee then made a presentation at the Goodsprings Old Timers Reunion in May. At each of these activities, the committee members were encouraged by the interest shown in forming a Historical Society.

Official Status

In September, 2001, the State of Nevada granted non-profit status to the Goodsprings Historical Society making it a recognized 503 (c)(3) organization. By- laws were approved and officers elected. The officers of the GHS are: President: Stephen Fleming, Vice President: Stephanie Stevens Recording Sec: Elizabeth Warren Correesp Sec: Mary Blake Treasurer: Jenny Viscugila

A bank account has been opened so all those checks written last May can finally be deposited.

Plans for the Future

The officers and committee chairmen of the GHS are busy planning future activities for members of the GHS. An annual celebration, in addition to the Oldtimer's Reunion, an art show of Goodsprings images, and creation of a historical park are just some of the ideas being considered. The GHS requests your input on activities you would like to see.

Thank yous

The GHS has received generous support from many of you. We would like to thank all who showed their faith by becoming members. We would also like to acknowledge the following for their contributions:

The GHS plans to archive early Goodsprings memorabilia and welcomes any donations. The GHS also requests your written remembrances of your life in Goodsprings.

Christine & Jame

Dedication of Good's Springs markers-- May, 2001-- Christine Stephens and Jane Fleming

Presidents's Message
by Steve Fleming

I have always been proud of my Nevada heritage. The Goodsprings area, of course, has had the greatest impact on my life. I am excited about the formation of the Goodsprings Historical Society and our first newsletter. Since we have, unfortunately, become such a fast-paced, "throw-away" society many historical sites are lost every day. These sites, and the stories of the people associated with them, should not be lost!

Only through a group effort can we achieve our goal: "to preserve the historical and natural resources of the Goodsprings Township by educating the public about its environment, archaeology and history". Our ultimate objective is to have a small museum which will allow us to display historical relics and tell the stories of the people who used them. There is no time like the present to write down that story, box up some artifacts and make laser copies of old photos. The GHS pledges to acknowledge and preserve your contributions.

Thanks for becoming a member of the Goodsprings Historical Society. We can achieve our goals if we all work together.


Do you remember when the Christmas Party for the town's children was held in the school house each year? We would like to capture memories of those times. Could you help by telling us what you remember about those Christmas times. Who played Santa, what activities made up the parties, what presents did you receive, did it ever snow on Christmas? You can reach us by:


If you have been waiting patiently for your cookbook, do not worry. They are printed and will be in the mail by Dec. 15.

Next meeting:

SATURDAY, JAN. 5, 2002

Happy Holidays to you all !!

We hope to see you at a GHS
function in 2002.

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