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The McClanahans
John, Phillip, Melinda, Sam, William, Clara, Cora, Laura

John (1852 -1908)

John was the first of the McClanahans to come West. He arrived in Southern Nevada in the 1880s. McClanahan Springs in the McCullough Range is named for him. He made his way to Sandy(Valley) where he opened a store and saloon in 1894. John became the primary merchant in the area running a blacksmith shop and boarding house as well. He was postmaster of Sandy from 1898-1901. John was an active member of the local Masons and Elks. The Las Vegas Age newspaper reported that a delegation from the Las Vegas Masonic Order and Elks Lodge traveled to California to preside at his burial in 1908. With John no longer alive, the McClanahan businesses in Sandy closed and disappeared. Buried in Inglewood, CA.

Phillip Samuel (P.S.) (Sam) (1884 -1964 )

In 1906, John McClanahan sent for his nephew Sam who was living with his family in Missouri. Sam came to Nevada, worked with his uncle for a year, then returned to Missouri. The following year, Sam was called back to Sandy to handle his deceased uncle's affairs. Arriving in Sandy, Sam discovered that all John's business properties were gone and no will or documentation of their ownership could be located. Sam found work at the mines in Goodsprings and encouraged his younger brother William to join him there. Together, they opened the Goodsprings Laundry in 1915. Sam and William joined R.A.. Andrus in locating and operating the Double Up, Copper Peak mine from 1916-1918. Sam reinvested his profits in a number of mines in the Goodsprings area: the Accident, Golden Chariot, Monte Christo, Red Cloud. In 1932, he partnered with Schwartz, Reim, and the Smith brothers to open the Chiquita gold mine. These partners also purchased the Shenandoah Mill in Sandy Valley to process their ore. Later, Sam purchased the Jean Garage and Motel and held this property until it was sold to Pop Simon. Sam was one of the Goodsprings men who led authorities to the site of the Carole Lombard airplane crash. He is buried in Goodsprings Cemetery.

Phillip Frye (1850-1930) and Melinda Jane Davis (1854-1931)

Phillip was the brother of John, husband of Melinda Jane, and father of Sam, Will, Clara, Cora and Laura. He worked in the Joplin Lead mines and farmed while in Missouri. He followed his sons to Goodsprings bringing his wife and daughters with him. When they arrived in 1916, the women went to work in the laundry and Phillip joined his sons in mining. In 1925, Phillip and Melinda moved to Las Vegas where they lived until their deaths. They are buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Las Vegas.

William (1891-1975)

William was the 3rd McClanahan in Goodsprings arriving in 1914. He and Sam opened the Goodsprings Laundry in 1915. He worked in many mines in Goodsprings. See Bio: William/Frances McClanahan.

Clara (1888-1959)

Clara was the oldest of the McClanahan daughters. She arrived in Goodsprings in 1916 and married Fred Reim in 1917. Mr. Reim ran a trucking business in Goodsprings. He was partners in the Chiquita, Golden Chariot and Barefoot with his brothers-in-law. Clara and Fred lived in Sandy Valley in the 30s when he worked in the Shenandoah Mill. In 1940, he took a job at BMI in Henderson and moved with Clara to Las Vegas. Clara and Fred moved to Gridley in 1944 and he died soon after. Clara married Clarence Watkins (another Goodsprings miner) in 1950 and moved back to Goodsprings. Clara and Clarence are buried in Goodsprings.

Laura (1894-1978)

Laura was the twin sister of Cora. She came to Goodsprings in 1916 and worked in the laundry. She got a job in the Goodsprings Hotel and in 1921 transferred to the Hesperia(CA) Hotel. She married Roy Walters, owner of the Hesperia Mercantile, in 1922. She had one daughter Geraldine(1925-2006) and lived in Hesperia until her death. She is buried in Victorville, CA.

Cora (1894-1980)

See Bio: Cora McClanahan Schwartz

Family History by Mary Blake 2007

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